Ozarks IronTree School Organization and Group Fundraising

I have recently started partnering with school organizations and groups to fund-raise where proceeds from group members selling Ozarks IronTree items during a set period will go to the organization.  

How it works:

1. Organization representative works with me to choose and/or design CNC plasma cut items that will be available for ordering. 

a. Items from my current designs.

b. Items of new designs to match popular themes o the region.

c. Items that have club or school logo with proper permissions to use logos.

2. I will prepare fundraiser brochure.

a. Design new items or incorporate logos into existing items

b. Calculate price of items that will be listed on brochure

c. Complete draft of brochure for review

3. Review parameters o the fundraiser with organization representative

a. Brochure complete with order form

b. Number of brochures needed

c. Ordering period 

d. Agreement on shipping cost.

e. Review that organization is responsible or any applicable taxes or permits and that Ozarks IronTree is manufacturing or a re-seller.  

4. Fundraiser Period

a. I will supply brochures to organization representative.

b. Origination will take orders for the order period and collect money or those orders.

c. At the end of order period, order for items will be submitted to Ozarks IronTree.

5. Fulfillment

a. Ozarks IronTree will issue invoice to organization for total sales minus agreed proceed amount for each item.  Fundraiser proceeds never leave organizations control.

b. Ozarks IronTree will manufacture items and label each one with recipients name for easy distribution.

c. Items will be shipped or delivered to organization representative as previously agreed on.  

Want to get started?
Just Send me an email!!