About Us

We are a small business that my family and I are working to grow.  I am an engineer by trade and I love to use my creativity to fabricate things.  I design and CNC plasma cut signs, shelves, key racks, belt rack, pot racks, fire pits, and what ever else either I more my customers can come up with.  Custom items are my favorite, making something that is unique to my customer is great.  We are in the Missouri Ozarks and have been making metal art for over 10 years now while selling online via Etsy for the last 6 years and still going.  Thought I would try my own online shop to give me more control over the content.  My wife helps me with packaging and getting items to post office where our standard shipping method is USPS Priority.  

Other areas we have delved in to is wholesale to retail stores, we will be happy to work out a wholesale pricing agreement if you would like to resale our items in your retail store.

For designers or condo owners we have also make custom items for condo decor to match your theme and size restrictions, we will be happy to price one or multiple pieces for your home, cabin, and condo renovation.  

You can reach me, David at ozarksirontree@centurytel.net